Welcome to the 2020's. Laserball is the latest version of shooting and leisure games. More playful and relaxed than its predecessors; it is practiced, from 6 years, indoors and outdoors..


Transported in a futuristic universe, troopers compete in frenzied battles. Air Battle Games is the laserball's world leader.


Treasure hunt for the 21st century ! With the iT Powercase, you will have a real chalenge for your leisure activities.

Laserball is the 21st century shooting and leisure game...

More fun for players, more profitable for operators.

Laserball is a shooting game mixing strategy and fun. The players are equipped with a blaster, with a manual reset, and an aiming laser.

Laserball is available from the age of 6 years old, from that age anyone can play.

The ball’s impact isn’t painful. Games sessions last from 10 to 15 min, players enjoy fully their game time without being eliminated. The balls being reusable, the players are only limited by time
and not by their loading capacity.

Players split up in separate teams, they then battle inside a soft PVC arena, therefore they evolve in a secure environment. This structure allows an outdoor exploitation during the whole year whatever the weather can be like.

Games are rhythmed by musical theme. In the atmosphere of a science fiction movie, players have to regain the control over the spaceship. Fun and sensations guaranteed! 

Created in 2017 that activity became successful and is requested by kids (Birthday Party, Family events) but also by adults (Friends and Team Building).

The Air Battle Games was developed by professionals. We are delivering a complete solution, ready to be used, includind equipment, training and support.

Air Battle Games, enjoy yourself in a futuristic universe ...

the new experience of laserball

The Air Battle Games spaceship was attacked, we lost the control over our station. Help us, you are our only hope…

Lost into the maze of our station, players are against each other in order to regain the control of the spaceship. They evolve into a dark and full of smoke environment. The music and the lightning are immersing the player into the universe of the most popular Sci Fi movies.

From the moment players get to the station, they are immersed into the futuristic universe developed for the laserball activity:

  • Facilitator are only using a language created for Air Battle Games, not including any military reference.
  • The experiment in this new universe starts when the players are watching the video presenting the rules and the safety instructions.
  • The screen printing on the outside and the inside turns an arena into a real-life spaceship.
  • The protection masks are giving a futurist appearance to the players.

The mission given by the troopers invite the players to enter this reallife movie, and therefore to become the main actor.

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Most frequent questions and answers

No, the laserball blaster are build to shoot at point-blank range. 6 year olds can play safely. 

You can find the list of Air Battle Games centers on

The laserball was invented in France, near Paris. The Levallois center, created in 2017, is the experimental center.

There are two models of arenas. One for the interior, compatible with regulations for place receiving people. The other for the outside, usable in any season the players are protected from bad weather.

All leisure activities can use it. Escape games, Airsoft, Treasure hunts, Adventure park, Trampoline park, swimming pool, scouting, …